I'm Kyle Nyland.

I'm a full-stack web developer and game developer from the Metro Detroit area. I create and maintain web applications and services by designing and coding new features and improving upon existing ones. I'm well-versed in the agile software development cycle and I'm always ready to discover new ways of solving problems. I enjoy working with others to achieve web solutions that will benefit the lives of others and make a part of their day a little bit easier.

When I'm not building web applications, I am making games. I regularly participate in game jams: prototyping and producing playable experiences in limited amounts of time. I love to take on all aspects of game development - from coding and implementing features, to crafting graphics, sound effects and music. Since a very young age, I have always been drawn towards meaningful experiences in video games and hope to recreate those same experiences through what I produce.


September 2018

A Game By Its Cover 2018

Bloom is a puzzle game where you take control of a mouse named squik in order to match groups of 3 or more flowers and prevent them from reaching the top!

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September 2017

A Game By Its Cover 2017

A social drawing game. Paint your masterpiece, post it, and view other people's drawings in the gallery. Give a thumbs-up to the drawings you like!

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September 2017

Get the goal as many times as you can by swiping through randomly-generated invisible mazes. You can double tap to view the maze walls briefly, but doing so subtracts from your time! Unlock achievements, upgrade power-ups, and get the high score on the leaderboard!

October 2016


In this Game Boy-inspired experience, you take the role of LICKIN LARRY, a lizard who must eat everything to grow large enough to devour the eagle who swoops down from above.

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July 2016

A Game By Its Cover 2016

Avoid ghosts, skeletons, and other spooky creatures in this platform adventure. Don't get too scared! Can you escape The House on the Left?

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August 2015

A Game By Its Cover 2015

Help Ally the 'Gator get to the picnic in this retro-style platformer. Gobble up foes that block the way, but don't fill up too much before you get to the picnic!

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February 2015

Ludum Dare 31

Navigate randomly generated mazes where the walls are invisible. Illuminate the walls, but at the cost of your remaining time. Get to the goal as many times as you can!

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